Pneumatic Suspension Conversion

Citroen C4 Picasso-Dispatch, Peugeot Expert, Fiat Scudo Rear Suspension Conversion For Pneumatic Air Suspension

There are two main common faults/problems on the Citroen’s/Peugeot’s and Fiat’s fitted with rear air suspension ie, warning lights on the dashboard, rear suspension not self levelling (rear of the car looks really low) warning 5mph on the info display

This is a very well known fault with these cars, either the air compressor pump is faulty or the rear suspension air bags are leaking air or both parts could be at fault.

Citroen have now decided to contribute towards the cost of the rear airbag replacement and or air compressor but if all parts are to be replaced this will normally still cost around £400-£500 with Citroens contribution, even though these will have a 12 months guarantee these will more than likely fail just after the guarantee has run out and will need replacing again (Citroen will only pay once towards the repair)

These parts are approx £140 for the rear air bags EACH and £800 + for the air compressor from Citroen dealers, then labour costs and VAT on top so can be a very costly to repair

This conversion replaces the air suspension and converts the car back to a normal set up of rear springs so this fault will never happen again

I can also supply a spring conversion kit if required or just remove the dashboard warning if you have already had a conversion fitted elsewhere

As I am doing more and more of these conversions I always try to keep a set of conversion parts in stock to minimise waiting times for customers, but please contact me ref availability.

Please contact me with any enquiries regarding this conversion

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